Mohamad H.
Don't you ever miss this spot. Food is so good, actually bomb. Love the environment and the food. Can't stop coming here and ordering their food all the time. The shawarmas are . If you are ever in Oakland hot this spot. Their PROTEIN SHAKE is to die for
Hassan A.
Hands down the best middle eastern food in the bay. The owners are very welcoming. The place is super clean and the food is AMAZING. I'm here almost every night picking up a chicken or beef shawarma. You can't say you've had authentic middle eastern food until you've hit this spot right here.
Walked in a little confused, not knowing if Big A was a pop up or the new restaurant in the space (the latter). They were busy setting up but still took the time to provide me with quick and great service and a delicious order. A few changes from the previous spot but I think a pared- down menu will really make it a much better thing long term. I asked if they we really open 24 hours, if you've ever been in city center late afternoon you know so many places only serve the lunch crowd, and they assured they are.
Ibrahim A.
I finally got a chance to try this place! I got the chicken shawarma wrap, and it was AMAZING! Even better than what I had in the Middle East. I can't stop thinking about it. I'm hooked for life. I want another one right now. And one wrap is absolutely 2 meals. It's amazing hot or cold. Each bite is pure Bliss. Forget tacos, shawarma wraps are where it's at. What an awesome addition to downtown Oakland!!!!
Lil T.
Very inviting and good food here! definitely coming back again soon to get some vegan falafels.
Autumn H.
The energy here is great I was immediately greeted upon walk in and I ordered the chicken sandwich and sweet potato fries. It was fresh and it came out quick . Would definitely recommend to friends and family . Thank you
Jarrett E.
The quickest wrap I've ever been served, along with being among the best in taste! It's never too late or early to enjoy this 24/7 heaven
Keiko J.
Perfect falafel everything clean and fresh , I'm so glad I checked my Yelp tonight and they open all night
Sam A.
Amazing service friendly people and good sandwiches I love it and I will come again :) Thank you
hosam s.
It's amazing rap all I can say I will be back